Best Essential Oils for Anxiety and Stress

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Little known ways to Use Essential Oils for Anxiety and Stress

Stress and anxiety often come hand-in-hand as a result of a perceived threat. More often than not, anxiety is a response to excessive or continuous stress. These two, stress and anxiety, have been identified as major concerns for a large number of people—enough to trigger the APA to say that there is a mental health crisis. 

Stress is, indeed, a natural part of life, however, in excessive amounts, it is detrimental to your mental and physical health, and is bound to affect your overall performance and relationships. This is why stress management is an important skill to practice. Adults and kids alike must practice stress management to avoid burning out or developing anxiety. You can search the web for tips and tricks for stress management, such as exercising and meditating. One simple stress management trick you can do anywhere is using essential oils for anxiety and stress. Read on to learn how.

Practical Methods to Essential Oils For Anxiety and Stress

Essential oils are the essence of plants and fruits. They are produced by squeezing out the oils from the leaves or barks of certain plants and the rinds of some fruits. As a result, essential oils not only contain the aroma of their origins but also their therapeutic abilities. Essential oils, thus, have been trusted for various purposes for centuries, including for improving people’s moods or mental health. How can you experience the benefits of essential oils? 

Inhalation is believed to be the best method for using essential oils for mental health. A part of the brain is connected to the sense of smell, which allows scents to have an effect on the brain. Essential oils travel from the nose to the brain and then stimulate this part of the brain, affecting people’s moods and stress levels. Here are various ways to experience the benefits of essential oils through aromatherapy:

-Through A Diffuser-

To use essential oils through aromatherapy, you can use a nebulizing diffuser, heat diffusion, or ultrasonic diffuser. These tools will release the molecules or the scent of the essential oils which you will then inhale. Aromatherapy is the recommended method if you are using essential oils for stress and anxiety. You can diffuse essential oils at home, at your office, and even in your car with portable nebulizing diffusers.

-Essential Oil Bath-

You can add essential oils to your warm baths to get the same benefits. Warm baths on their own are relaxing, but adding essential oils also allows you to inhale their benefits while you relax in the bath. The heat of the water releases the aroma of the essential oils, which you then inhale. 

-Steam Inhalation-

Steam inhalation relies on water vapor to deliver the essential oils’ aroma to the nasal passages and to the brain. For steam inhalation, simply add warm water and a few drops of essential oil to a basin. Place your head over the basin (keep it at a safe distance so you don’t get burned) and cover it with a towel. Inhale the steam for about two minutes. 

-Cotton Balls-

Another simple method to simply inhale the scent of essential oils is through cotton balls. Put a few drops of essential oil onto cotton balls and hold them near your nose. Inhale the scent of essential oils for a few minutes while you relax. 

-Topical Application-

Some people use topical applications to get the benefits of aromatherapy, too. You can apply essential oils near your nose, on your neck, or wrists. However, when used in topical application, essential oils must always be mixed with carrier oils. Essential oils are highly potent and often cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction when applied directly to the skin.

Organic Aroma’s Choice Of Essential Oils For Anxiety and Stress


You may have drunk chamomile tea before bed to sleep better. This is because chamomile has relaxing and sedative properties. It can also help reduce the intensity of the symptoms of anxiety.


Lavender essential oil is known for its relaxing and calming effect. People who are under a lot of stress can diffuse this essential oil to calm down their system or relax after a long day. It’s also extremely effective at promoting sleep, which the body needs to recuperate from stress. More importantly, lavender essential oil does not only promotes relaxation but has also been found to be effective at bettering anxiety and its symptoms.


Lemon essential oil has a citrusy scent that is refreshing and invigorating. While this essential oil is commonly associated with disinfecting and cleaning, it also has abilities to relieve anxiety. However, this oil is best used in short periods because this study found that continuous exposure to lemon essential oil appears to have induced stress responses. 

-Clary Sage-

Clary Sage’s herbal aroma has been found to help manage stress levels, especially in women. It helps control the hormone that manages the body’s response to stress, Cortisol. High levels of this hormone lead to anxiety and, even, depression. This essential oil helps the mind and body relax, as well as relieves headaches and muscle tension.

-Sweet Orange-

Sweet orange essential oil has a refreshing and uplifting scent. It is an energizing essential oil, which is great when you need a pick-me-up. However, this essential oil is also proven to prevent anxiety.

  Final Thoughts

Essential oils for anxiety and stress a is safe, and cost-effective way to manage your health. Please let us know how essential oils have helped you in the comments below. 

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46 thoughts on “Best Essential Oils for Anxiety and Stress

  1. Aaishah says:

    The boundary wall at home completely collapsed with all the rains we’ve been having and being so exposed has brought on insomnia and anxiety. Lavender and epsom salts foot soaks and rubbing the oils on my temples helps me calm down at night.

  2. Mufieda says:

    Reading the bio makes me “Need” all these essential oils. I’ve started my journey using natural essentials in my home. Being a mom to a special needs son has also tapped into my research skills. Definitely going to look into more of these

    • OAZA says:

      Hi there Mufieda

      We have had many conversations with people that have children or loved ones or who themselves suffer from ADD to Autism to Cerebral Palsy, who all incorporate organic, pure essential oils into their daily routine to stimulate the olfactory nerve which works on the limbic system. There is a lot of research done demonstrating that certain essential oils can directly cross the blood-brain barrier.

      If we can help in any way or if you need additional information, you are welcome to email us info@organicaromas.co.za or send a WhatsApp or even schedule a phone call at 061 404 6637.

      Thank you for the comment and best wishes to you and your family!

  3. Diana says:

    I am at the beginning of building up my stash of essential oils. Will definitely try the Lavender, which I have on a cotton ball to try and relieve stress.

  4. Razia says:

    I’d love to try all of the oils mentioned above. We’ve only used reed diffusers but I need to make the shift 😊

    • OAZA says:

      Hi Razia.

      It’s worth it!

      Our Nebulizing Diffusers are built to last and we do stock spare parts if anything goes wrong.

  5. Bernice Harman says:

    I have loved essential oils for as long as I can remember. In this troubled world we live in, it is so beneficial to make use of these oils to assist in treating any ailment under the sun! And they all just smell so lovely as well.

  6. Mauritz says:

    Really loved how reading this blog educated me on the benefits of using essential oil’s! Outstanding!

  7. Tracy K says:

    Thanks for a very informative and relevant article. Will definitely be looking into using Clary Sage for its stress-busting benefits!

    • OAZA says:

      Hi there Tracy

      We have not stocked Clary Sage in the past but we will add it to our product range by the end of next month.

      Thank you for the comment.

  8. Jasmine Leban says:

    This looks really good for my clinical anxiety and asthma, the lavender aroma seems Soooo good

  9. Prudence Mmathapelo says:

    This is so informative 👏 thank you so much. I suffer from anxiety, now I can’t wait to try the essential oil .. haha I wanna try them all ..

    • OAZA says:

      Thank you for the comment. If you need additional info or if we can help in any way, connect with us on WhatsApp or email. Best of luck with this monthly giveaway.

  10. Pieter says:

    This is such a better option than drinking meds that makes you moody and drowsy.Will definitely consider this as an option

  11. Martie says:

    Such an informative post… definitely saving it for future reference. Lavender is one of my favourite oils to use to relax. Definitely need one of these beautiful Organic Aromas diffusers as well! 🥰

    • OAZA says:

      Diffusing essential oils, blending your own scents, and learning about the countless different ways to use essential oils is definitely a whole lot of fun Martie!

  12. Jessica Gipson says:

    I have done a little research about essential oils and now I’m interested, all the great benefits is what has open my eyes.

    • OAZA says:

      Welcome to the family of aromatherapy enthusiasts Jessica. You are welcome to contact us for any further information or simply a friendly chat.

  13. Mervin says:

    very informative info I never knew about, wow thanks for sharing will definitely make use in future

  14. Nabz says:

    For one that have insomnia due to stress and anxiety. This would definitely be a great help! Even if I do not win, will definitely still buy this worthy product!

  15. Marlize says:

    Wow what wonderful products, just by reading this article I just want to go out to buy all these oils, amazing!!!!

  16. Annelisa G says:

    I’ve been meaning to lower my anti anxiety medication dose and try out essential oils
    I’m definitely going to try lemon 🍋

    • OAZA says:

      We love to get feedback and help anyone in any way we can. Mail or WhatsApp us if you find any of these oils and tips helpful. Thank you for the comment Annelisa!

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