Top 3 Essential Oils for Lucid Dreaming

Dreams. They’ve played a role in the way that humans think, feel, and believe for eons. For some, they may be an escape from the stress of the real world. For others, they could be a look at your subconscious desires. They’ve even been credited with being a kind of fortune telling method. And while science is still working hard to uncover all of the truths about dreams – what they are, why they occur, and more – the fact is that many want to harness them and enjoy them for various purposes.

That’s the goal of lucid dreaming. This is just what it sounds like – dreaming in a way that is crystal clear, highly lucid, and easy to understand and remember. Waking from a lucid dream is often like waking from another reality, and it can provide a way to impact your emotions, your thoughts, and your health as a whole.

Additionally, mastering lucid dreaming could even help dreamers gain some measure of control over their dreams, letting them create an escape from the world that they can let themselves become enveloped in. No matter your reasons for wanting to have more lucid dreams, the fact is that some essential oils offer a very real way to do just that.

Using Essential Oils For Lucid Dreaming

Using essential oils makes a tremendous amount of sense. After all, the brain processes input in different ways, and different things that trigger brain functionality can then, in turn, trigger other aspects of the brain’s performance. Since scents are processed within the limbic system of the brain, and because memory and emotion are both connected to this system, it makes sense that aromatherapy could impact dreaming in a significant way.

To use essential oils to improve and promote lucid dreaming, there are a few options. Each of them focuses on promoting the aromatherapy effects of the oils in different ways. Here the ways to use essential oils effectively for lucid dreaming.

  • Diffuser – By far the easiest and most effective option is to use a quality oil diffuser. These small units allow you to quickly and effectively disperse large amounts of concentrated scent across a wide area very quickly. Diffusing a few drops of essential oils can release fine particles that fill a room with fragrance for long periods of time. This is perfect for filling up the room with the aromatherapy benefits of the oils and for helping you keep lucid dreaming for hours at a time.
  • Straight Up – You can also add one to two drops of the oil onto a pillow each night, or dab a small bit on your chest if it’s a non-irritating oil. Conversely, some people just take a few deep breaths of the oil straight out of the bottle before going to sleep. This will give you quick and effective results, but may not be as long lasting as a diffuser will be.
  • Skin Therapy – You can also use the essential oil as a kind of massage oil, diluting it with a carrier oil like coconut or almond oil. Then, rub it into the soles of the feet, behind the ears, and your forehead. This will help the body absorb the oils but will also create an environment where you can inhale the vapors over an extended period of time.

Top 3 Essential Oils for Lucid Dreaming

As for the type of essential oil to use to promote lucid dreaming, you’ll have several options to choose from as well. The ideal choices will help calm the body while stimulating the subconscious, and also help promote a more restful, deeper sleep. Here are three of the best essential oils to consider using.

  1. Rose Oil – Rose oil is for much more than just perfume creation. Its scent has strong calmative properties and has been shown to help ease the mind, improve relaxation, and promote better sleep. In the process, it can help trigger more lucid dreams and a more intense sleeping experience.
  1. Sandalwood – This oil has been used for centuries in India to help promote a more relaxed state of mind and to improve meditation. It contains several compounds that can help improve sleep as well, and make it easier to reach the REM stage of sleep that allows you to potentially experience more lucid dreaming.
  1. Lavender – Lavender is one of the single most effective essential oils available, and it helps the mind fall asleep faster and stay asleep in a deeper way. Its use can help you achieve a more restful sleep as well as lucid dreams that will impact your subconscious in a meaningful way.

Each of these oils can be used on their own, but can also be blended with each other or other oils to create a perfect nighttime cocktail of essential oils. No matter what option you choose, the oils can help you achieve the sleep and the dreams that you deserve.

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Top 3 Essential Oils for Lucid Dreaming


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