Make Your Own Essential Oil Blends in 9 steps

Essential oil blending

Make Your Own Essential Oil Blends in 9 Steps 

Creating a personal unique signature fragrance for aromatherapy is extremely rewarding and fun. The power of scent will allow you to create a distinctive ambiance for any environment.  Diffusing your unique blend around a retail store, office, spa, beauty salon, or hotel lobby, will personalize the experience for your customers. Or just have fun with it and use it at home! By using pleasant mood aromas to blend your signature oil blend like frankincense, peppermint and lemon, for example, you will create a more lively, pleasant and mood-enchanting atmosphere. All you need to achieve this goal are the right tools, some knowledge and a bit of practice. If you don’t have prior knowledge of how to blend, creating your desired scents can be challenging. The good news is that you can easily learn how to do it! This guide shows you how to get started.

Pointers To Effective Blending


1. What Do You Want To Achieve With Your Blends

Before thinking about lavender, rose or your other favorite aroma, it is critical to know why you are creating a blend in the first place. If you know a little about essential oils, you definitely know that they have a variety of therapeutic effects, from energizing the body to calming the nerves and boosting the quality of sleep. Ask yourself what problem you want to solve, what type of atmosphere you want to create or what type of environment will the blend be used in.  Answering these questions helps you narrow down the best oils to blend, as you consider the next step.

2. Get Some Information On Essential Oil Properties

Learning about essential oils and their properties is key to quality blending. Search online for authoritative information about constituents found in essential oils. Here, you should learn about the best oils for aches, stress relief, energy, focus, sleep and more. You will also learn which oils blend well together. Make sure you get your facts right and when in doubt, consult an aromatherapy expert. From this research, you should shortlist a few essential oil options that fit your requirements.

3. Source Quality Essential Oils

Quality oils are a must for effective aromatherapy. This is why due diligence is paramount. Look for trusted sellers who have been in the industry for some time. Use verified user reviews and ratings to compare various brands. Good sellers take time to provide detailed information about every oil they sell.  Compare prices and avoid very cheap oils. Organic Aromas makes your work easier by providing you with a wide array of high-grade, quality,  pure and organic oils that always goes through 3rd party laboratory testing. All blending tools necessary to start creating your own blended scents are available on our website. 

4. Consider Essential Oil Categories

Blending is a creative process where you can combine any type of essential oil you wish to make some awesome blends. It’s all about personal preference since any oil can potentially smell good together. However, oils are categorized into families including spicy, woodsy, minty, citrusy, floral, earthy, resinous and herbaceous. Being aware of these categories assists you to choose which oils to use for your recipe. Oils in the same aroma family often combine well together, spicy aromas blend well with other spicy scents, for example. However, as alluded to above, blending is not cast in stone. Spicy scents can also be combined with citrus, floral or woodsy scents. Be as creative as possible even as you consider varied category combinations.

5. Understand Essential Oil Notes

Before we start mixing essential oils it’s important to understand that not all scents behave the same. Some scents evaporate faster than others upon exposure to the air. This literally means that some aromas last longer. In light of this fact, scents are arranged in notes. There are top notes, middle notes and base notes. Top notes are light and get detected first, but do not last long, an example being floral scents. Middle notes last longer than top notes and evaporate faster than base notes. Middle notes are harmonious aromas that balance out many different scents. Spicy scents are middle notes. Base notes last longest – they are deep and heavy. Many oils derived from barks, roots and trees are base notes. A good example of a base note is Frankincense. By and large, the best outcomes are frequently from mixes of oils that have all of the 3 notes, which create well-balanced aromas.

6. Gather Your Blending Tools

To begin putting all the information above to work, you obviously need essential oils. You also need tools like glass bottles, carrier oils, droppers among others. For utmost safety, use gloves and eye protection while handling essential oils. Organic Aromas Essential Oil Lab Kit has all the tools you need. Get your hands on some high-quality essential oils and start blending conveniently!

7. Blending Ratio Is Key

There are many ways to determine oil ratios when blending. The most common way is the 30-50-20 Rule. This means that you use 30% top note oil, 50% middle note oil and 20% base note oil. Some people use their noses as a guide on ratios. Being creative as you experiment with ratios is part of the fun.

8. Take Advantage of Blending Guides

For expert practical blending guides and tips, Organic Aromas has a new eBook that takes you step-by-step. This resource is called Transform Your Life with These 10 Therapeutic Essential Oil Blends. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience blending, this guide allows you to enjoy as you learn.

9. Keep a Record of your Blending Experiments

We recommend creating a blending diary. Record and rate your favorite recipes as well as the purpose for each blend. Use this journal as your go-to reference.

The most ideal approach to become acquainted with these aromas is to get a few essential oil samples and allow your nose to get used to each scent. Not only will you find which fragrances you like, but over the long run, you will start to instinctively choose oils that mix well together.

Please share some of your favorite recipes! We would like to test them for ourselves, or ask us any questions you still have around this topic in the comments below.

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      Hi there Chloe. Unfortunately, good oils are not cheap but you will be surprised how long a little 10ml bottle of oil lasts in a good Nebulizing Diffuser. Good oils are potent.

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    I would love to understand the oil notes and the combinations you can use with them so I can make my own.

    • OAZA says:

      Hi Babara. Lot’s of great info online. We’ll keep posting as much info as we can but the best way is to have fun with it and trust your own smell. You’ll know what you like!

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      Thank you for the comment Abigail. Blending is easy and fun with our new Essential Oil Blending Lab Kit. It’s just so much fun to know that there are endless combinations!

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    My favorite energy blend for a diffuser is 3 x grapefruit oil, 2 x orange oil, and 2 x lemon oil. Soooo yummy and fresh!

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