DIY Body Mist Spray With Essential Oils – Satisfy Your Senses!

Make Your Own Body Mist Spray At Home

Everyone wants to smell good all day. However, perfumes are expensive and we cannot afford to spritz perfume multiple times a day. The Solution: Homemade Body Mist Spray! In this article you will discover the magic of natural body mist spray DIY recipes with essential oils. You can save money and simultaneously experience the benefits of essential oils. Besides, it’s fun to mix it up!

What Is a Body Mist Spray?

A lot of people are confused – is body mist the same as perfume? These two, however, are different. Both were created to make you feel and smell good. They differ in their composition though and therefore, the intensity of the fragrance. 

A body mist spray has a lighter and subtler scent than perfumes. They have a lower concentration of fragrance oils or essential oils with higher levels of water and alcohol. Due to the lighter concentration of fragrance oils, body mists do not last as long as perfumes, but they have other awesome benefits.

Why Use a Body Mist Spray

Body mists are an easy way to smell naturally fresh all day. Here are the benefits of using a body spray:

1. The essential oils used to make a mist spray will have a positive physiological effect.

2. Smell good throughout the day while moisturizing and nourishing your skin.

3. Use natural mist sprays to layer together with a perfume to create a unique scent.

4. Cheaper – You can spray all day! Body mists don’t contain as many fragrance oils as perfumes.

5.Body Mist sprays with natural aroma fragrances are super refreshing and have a wonderful natural scent.

7. Good for body and clothes – Body mists can be used to keep your clothes fresh as well.

8. Essential oils have therapeutic benefits. For example Lavender essential oils is calming and peppermint is energizing.

9. Good for you – Traditional perfumes are made up of synthetics that remove natural body oils and dry your skin.

A Note on Scents

In the world of fragrances, unique scents are made with consideration for top notes, middle notes, and base notes. These elements combine to create a complex, layered scent. 

  • Top notes are fragrances that are intense but evaporate quickly. Examples of top notes are sweet orange, sweet basil, eucalyptus, juniper, bergamot, spearmint, and peppermint.
  • Middle notes are fragrances that leave a lasting impression. They last longer than the top notes and influence the fragrance of the base note. Examples of this are cinnamon, clove, jasmine, lavender, ylang-ylang, clary sage, rose geranium, and lemongrass.
  • Base notes have the richest fragrance of all. In a perfume, their scent appears last and lingers the longest. Examples of base notes are vanilla, patchouli, frankincense, elemi, and sandalwood.

Mixing Ratio Guide

Top notes: 15 to 20% of the mixture
Middle Notes: 30 to 40% of the mixture
Base notes: 45 to 55% of the mixture

How to a Make Body Mist Spray with Beautiful Aroma Fragrances

While there are ready-made commercial body mists buy as part of a perfume set, you can create your own unique natural body mist spray at home. You can easily use essential oils and a simple recipe to create a homemade body mist that not only smells great but also has therapeutic benefits. To create high-quality body mist sprays, you need to invest in good quality materials.

The base of the body mist is the alcohol, which will determine the shelf-life of the body mist since it will prevent microbial growth. The alcohol will also keep the essential oils and other ingredients well blended. So, it’s important to invest in good clear grain alcohol. For this recipe, vodka is recommended.

Another ingredient to invest in is essential oils. Look for pure essential oils that were extracted using the proper method and are not mere artificial fragrances. Look for the certified organic label to make sure that they will not contain traces of pesticides and other unsafe substances. This is important since your skin will certainly absorb the essential oils when you spray your body mist.

Homemade Body Mist Spray Fundamental Recipe

Here’s how to make a body mist spray with essential oils:

What you’ll need:

  • 2 tbsp vodka
  • 2 tbsp vegetable glycerin
  • 4 tbsp distilled water
  • 23 – 30 drops premium essential oil
  • Funnel
  • Stirring Rod
  • Spray Bottle
  • Blend of essential oil

Essential Oil Blends

Blend 1:
Sweet Orange
Ylang Ylang
Sweet Ginger

Blend 2: 
Rose Geranium

Blend 3:
Ylang Ylang


1. Measure out all the ingredients
2. Pour the vodka, distilled water, and vegetable glycerin into the spray bottle and stir
3. Now, stir in the essential oils and mix well
4. Close the cap of your spray bottle tightly
5. Shake every time before use

Using an Essential Oil Blending Lab Kit is a great way to get started. You could also use any one of Organic Aromas’ essential oil blends.


Body mist sprays made with essential oils are an affordable and healthy way to stay freshly fragrant throughout the day. Are you ready to make yours?


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23 thoughts on “DIY Body Mist Spray With Essential Oils – Satisfy Your Senses!

  1. Athenakies9 says:

    Oh wow, how amazing is this! Creating one’s own frangances with the gifts from Mother nature.

  2. Alexia says:

    I love the smell of natural oils! Now I can create my own blend in a body mist using your amazing oils!

  3. SammyAck89 says:

    Wow, this I really useful. I don’t use perfume or any shop bought fragrances as I prefer to use natural products on my body. I also prefer more neutral smells so this is a great recipe to follow to custom make a natural body mist suitable for my nose and scent desires. Very interesting to learn that Vodka can be used!

    • OAZA says:

      Great comment. Thank you, Sammy. Natural is always best. Friendly warning, the scents from these suggested essential oils become addictive but it’s O.K., it’s good for you 🙂

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