10 Ways You Can Benefit from using Lemon Essential Oil

lemon essential oil benefits

This popular, widely used fruit with its fresh citrusy scent, did not get its nickname, ‘Liquid Sunshine’ without reason. This little ordinary fruit turned out to offer us rather extraordinary benefits to use and enjoy! Read on to learn about lemon essential oil benefits and start incorporating it in your day-to-day life!

About Lemon Essential Oil

The lemon is famous for its bright yellow color, citrusy zest, and sour taste. An interesting fact is that it is not a naturally occurring fruit, but is a cross between mandarin and citron.

This fruit proved to be extremely useful on its own as well as an essential oil. Lemon essential oil is produced from the peels of lemons. Extraction methods include steam extraction or cold-pressing, which involves pricking and rotating the peel to squeeze out the oil out of the peels. The essential oil of the Lemon (Citrus Limonum) has various beneficial active chemical components that make it ideal for aromatherapy, massage, and cosmetic use. It’s also widely used in home cleaning products to purify the air and eliminate odors. Discover ten different lemon essential oils benefits.  

A Note On Using Essential Oils

Essential oils are best used through aromatherapy, though they can also be used topically. Through aromatherapy, you inhale the essential oils, which allows them to influence the limbic system and affect the body’s natural responses, mood, and overall health. There are various ways to enjoy essential oils through aromatherapy. However, the most efficient, and what we recommend, is the Nebulizing Diffuser. This type of diffuser is more efficient than other types of diffusers. It releases microparticles of the essential oil into the air instead of diluted versions of it. This way, you get the full benefits of the essential oils. However, adding essential oils to your bath or applying it to your mask, for example, will allow you to inhale the essential oils just as well.

The topical application of essential oils is very effective since the oil can kill harmful bacteria growing on your skin. This is where essential oil safety becomes important. When employing topical application, always dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil. The carrier oil prevents the potent essential oil from causing adverse allergic reactions to your skin. It also helps your skin absorb the essential oil.

10 Amazing Lemon Essential Oil Benefits

1. Helps Manage Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Lemon oil’s citrus scent has a relaxing and uplifting effect that helps with the management of anxiety and depression symptoms. Various studies have found that there are positive indicators that this essential oil helps uplift the mood and is effective at alleviating stress, especially when diffusing it. Amplify the results by using Lemon essential oil along with other essential oils with similar effects. Suggested Use: Diffuse 15 – 20 drops in a nebulizing diffuser. 

2. Eases Morning Sickness

Morning sickness, typically experienced between the 4th and 16th week of pregnancy, involves nausea and vomiting throughout the day. Lemon essential oil is a safe way for pregnant women to manage their morning sickness. Lemon essential oil can help reduce the intensity of nausea and frequency of vomiting for pregnant women, this study found.
Suggested Use: Diffuse or inhale directly from the bottle or use topically with a carrier oil and apply to temples, neck, and chest.

3. Soothes Clogged Nose and Sore Throat

Aside from being an abundant source of vitamin C as a fruit, lemon essential oil is great as a remedy for symptoms of colds and flu, specifically for clogged nasal passages or sore throats. This essential oil has strong antibacterial and antiviral properties, which help fight the bacteria or viruses that cause flu and common colds. According to another two independent studies, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that help unclog nasal passages that are inflamed due to colds.
Suggested Use: Apply directly to the outside of the throat with a carrier oil or diffuse the oil.

4. Improves Cognitive Function

You may already be aware of the bright, fruity scent of lemon essential oil. Besides this pleasant scent, lemon essential oil can help improve alertness and cognitive function. The essential oil has been found to improve cognitive function for the elderly with Alzheimer’s disease since it improves learning and memory ability. Meanwhile, an older study confirmed that the same oil helps improve alertness and concentration in students as well. 
Suggested Use: Gently massage the diluted essential oil to the outside of templates and diffuse the oil at the same time.

5. As Treatment for Acne

Lemon essential oils can also be used as part of a skincare routine, especially for those with acne and other skin diseases. Due to lemon oil’s antiseptic properties and strong antioxidant effects, it also works to fight bacteria that cause acne, can reduce cell damage, helps fade acne scars. it can also speed up the healing process of pimples.
Suggested Use: Apply a small amount to the affected area with a cotton ball. Leave for 3 minutes and was skin with a facial cleanser.

6. As An Addition To Your Skincare Regimen

Lemon essential oil is also high in antioxidants, so it helps brighten and even out the skin tone. This essential oil will help you achieve a radiant glow. However, using lemon essential oil as a skincare product has a side effect similar to using Vitamin C serums. It increases the skin’s photosensitivity, meaning the skin may experience redness and irritation when exposed to the sun. So, when using this essential oil on the skin, minimize exposure to direct sunlight. 
Suggested Use: Mix 15 drops of oil per 6 teaspoons of essential oil like jojoba oils and apply directly to the skin.

7. As An Anti-fungal

Lemon essential oils can be a great addition  to a skincare routine, especially for those with acne and other skin diseases. Lemon essential oil also has anti-fungal properties, which is why it can be used to remedy various skin diseases. The previously mentioned study found that it also helps treat athlete’s foot, manage rosacea, disinfect and promote faster healing for insect bites and mouth ulcers.
Suggested Use: Mix 15 drops of oil per 6 teaspoons of essential oil like jojoba oils and apply the affected area. Tea tree and lavender work well in combination with lemon essential oil for this recipe.

8. Wound and Skin Healing

By preventing the bacteria and microbes from growing, lemon essential oil promotes faster healing for acne, blisters, cuts, sores, abscesses, and general wounds. Lemon essential oil is a handy addition to first aid kits.
Suggested Use: Clean the wound using a cotton ball with slightly diluted lemon essential oil.

9. As Pain Reliever

Use lemon essential as a pain reliever for inflammatory pain. A widely cited 2002 study found that lemon essential oil changes the brain’s ability to register pain, which regulates the body’s responses to pain as well.
Suggested Use: Mix lemon oil with a carrier oil to create a massaging oil and gently massage into skin to ease pain and loosen up muscles.

10. Fights Dandruff

Dry skin, or accumulated dirt due to infrequent shampooing often case dandruff. Lemon essential oil helps fight dandruff by eliminating excess oils in the scalp and maintaining the scalp’s health.
Suggested Use: Mix 15 drops of lemon essential oil with freshly squeezed lemon juice and apply to scalp. Leave it for 10 – 15 minutes and wash it out with a mild shampoo.

11. As A Multi-Purpose Cleanser

Lemon essential oil is a strong antiseptic and disinfectant. This is why it is commonly used in making natural cleaners that you can use in the kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere in your house. This essential oil will help kill any bacteria and microbes.
Suggested Use: Mix ¾ cup water, 2 tablespoons white vinegar with 25 drops of lemon essential oil into a spray bottle.

Since the scent of lemon is so divine, uplifting, and versatile, how do you plan on taking advantage of lemon essential oil benefits? Leave a comment and let us know. 
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