Organic Aromas offers premium essential oils and the most charming nebulizing diffusers for sale in South Africa. Only the best is good enough. 

The company was founded by a team of passionate, experienced engineers, artists, and business professionals whose primary goal is to create the world’s best way to diffuse pure, organic essential oils. Organic Aromas is dedicated to developing and promoting the most effective, safest, and most beautiful tool for popularizing, applying, and enjoying the amazing scents and real health benefits of aromatherapy. 

We realize that too many people use relatively inefficient or wasteful methods to diffuse essential oils. Even worse are the ways in which the essential oil itself is modified, diluted, or contaminated by using incorrect methods to diffuse essential oils.  

So we went to work to find a solution. Over the past eight years, we perfected our methods, optimized the mechanism, and added upgrades. We have brought together experts from different disciplines to create the most wonderful tool for aromatherapy in the world. Technologists, craftsmen, and designers work together to create the most powerful, fastest, and most pleasant way to experience the amazing scent and true therapeutic values ​​contained in pure essential oils.

Organic Aromas was founded on the principles of hard work, innovation, and a real concern for the well-being of our customers. We strive to provide the best, highest quality products and support them with excellent after-sales service. We practice stringent quality control methods and apply comprehensive third-party testing procedures on both our diffusers and essential oils to ensure a top customer experience.

Organic Aromas recognizes the need for integrity, consistency, and honesty in everything we do and is committed to going even further to make everyone happy and healthy. We have a corporate culture that embraces strong business ethics, continuous improvement, and an eternal desire to help improve the lives of others in a meaningful, important, and sustainable way. Organic Aromas is all about doing good for everyone and in the long run, we are in tireless pursuit of excellence.